Today we are rushing towards the computerization and modernization in our entire social, professional, occupational, defense and many other activities. No sphere of life has remained untouched by the rapid digitization. Our institute, with state of the art facilities in the Department of Computer Engineering, is contributing its valuable share to this world of computers. The department is helping students to develop logical and creative thinking, excellent problem-solving skills and proficiency in both computer hardware and system software, and above all, an attitude to be a part and parcel of this era of computers Students pursuing computer engineering courses will gain knowledge of organization, design, implementation and management of information system of both hardware and software. The course is offered across the state in various Polytechnic colleges of the Punjab

The Department of Computer Engineering established in 2012 progressed steadfastly to its present status of being reckoned as a leader in Computer Engineering education. The department is currently having six Computer Laboratories with approximately 60 high-end desktop computers within laboratories. Besides this, the department is equipped with high-end servers and related networking equipment to provide the internet connectivity in the whole institute



  • Increasing number of software companies and IT hubs indicate an increasing demand for Computer Engineers.
  • It provides the ability to understand, apply, analyze, evaluate and synthesize existing and fresh knowledge related to Computer Engineering.
  • The present and the future world can’t live without technology and the boom in the technology sector will lead to lucrative opportunities.
  • The vision of Digital India program is inclusive growth in areas of computer engineering related job opportunities etc. and it is centered on three key areas – Digital Infrastructure as a Utility to Every Citizen, Governance & Services on Demand and Digital Empowerment of Citizens.
  • As an entrepreneur students become able to develop, organize and manage their own business